Betagen Product Background

The Betagen cultured milk drink and cup yoghurt products are made from pasteurized milk in combination with beneficial microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria). The lactic acid bacteria digests lactose, turning it into lactic acid giving the product its characteristic fresh, tangy flavour that’s unlike any other milk product.

After fermentation the flavour is complimented by blending the product with great tasting flavours. It is then sealed in aseptic packaging to guarantee freshness. This production method ensures that the beneficial bacteria are kept alive and kicking during their journey from factory to you.

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Betagen is available in two product varieties.
  1. Cultured Milk Drink
    Cultured milk liquid with a fresh tangy flavour available in several flavour varieties.
    1.1 Betagen cultured milk - Low fat,
    1.2 Betagen fruit flavors include Original, Orange, Pineapple, Grape and Strawberry
  2. Cup Yoghurt
    Betagen cup yoghurt has a high viscosity but smooth texture. Available in Plain yoghurt; Yoghurt mixed with coconut compote; Yoghurt mixed with cereal and fruit compote; Yoghurt mixed with fruit salad compote and Yoghurt mixed with strawberry compote.

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Our low fat milk drink is probiotic and contains living microorganisms, which when ingested in sufficient quantities provide many widely known health benefits.

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Betagen cultured milk drink and cup yoghurt contain live beneficial bacteria and should be refrigerated under 8°C or consumed within one day if not refrigerated. The product should not be frozen because the ice crack can destroy the cell walls of microorganisms.

*** refer from : Notification of Ministry of Public Health No.289 ( Fermented milk ) ***