Since 1975, Betagen has been producing quality products for consumers. Betagen Co., Ltd. was originally registered in 1975 as Standard Vermicelli Factory Limited Partnership to produce vermicelli under the brand names Kaset, Single Tiger, Twin Tiger, Single Lion, Twin Lion and Gold Mountain.

In 1985, Inter Advance Food Co., Ltd. was established and a factory was built to produce dairy food products. Betagen Co., Ltd. was the distributor. The following additional products were produced: soy-bean cake (Tofu) and egg soy-bean cake (egg Tofu) under the Kaset brand, soy paste sweetmeat, fruit salad sweetmeat, Cara custard, 25% fruit juice and drinking yoghurt under the Betagen brand.

In 1992, the three companies were merged into Thai Advance Food (1991) Co., Ltd. to produce and distribute "Betagen" brand pasteurized dairy drinking yoghurt, Cara custard, egg soy-bean cake and vermicelli products.

On 1 July 2007, Thai Advance Food Co., Ltd. merged with Campina International and changed its company name to Betagen Co., Ltd.